If you get lost

  • Stop and think. Stay calm.
  • Recheck your navigation and maps
  • Re tracing your steps a short distance may assist. Locate your last known point if possible.
  • Gaining some height may assist in orientation and communications

If above does not help STAY WHERE YOU ARE.

  • Shelter. Find or make shelter to stay warm and dry.
  • Call for help. Use communication devices you have with you; e.g. radios, mobile phones, satellite phones, SPOTs etc.
    1. Call your designated Contact People
    2. Call 000 and ask for Police [more information]
  • Activate your PLB. If other communications are not possible and there is a threat of grave and imminent danger, activate your Distress Beacon (PLB or EPIRB) if you have one.
  • Make your position visible to searchers on land and in the air; e.g. lighting a fire or leaving bright clothing in an open area that can be seen.
  • Stay together. If you are in a group stay together, never separate.
  • Stay warm and dry. Be aware it can take a considerable time for rescuers to reach you so your priority is to remain warm and dry.
  • Ration your food and water if necessary. Source local water if possible and it is safe to do so.
  • Wait for rescue